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Prairie Technology Alliance member Facet Technologies’ FacetTrak offers an affordable productivity management solution for your business. If you are looking for a better way to keep track of your employees’ tasks and customer projects, FacetTrak is the answer.

An all-in-one ticketing and productivity management solution, FacetTrak offers features such as legal, on-site signature collection from tablets and smartphones and a dispatcher dashboard so you can effectively manage you workforce. Contact us today to schedule a complimentary demo to find out how FacetTrak can work for you.

Better Service, Less Frustration, and More Profit

FacetTrak is a comprehensive productivity management solution from Prairie Technology Alliance’s Facet Technologies. FacetTrak’s comprehensive features increase the productivity of your business by creating an environment where everyone contributes and prospers. Project management features allow you to keep an eye on progress and assign tasks, and account management features can be set up to notify you if an important customer is updated. Go mobile with our app that allows your employees to work on-the-go and stores changes when there’s no connection available.Keep a complete customer history at your fingertips to better serve your clients, and rest easy knowing all of your data is kept secure with our cloud-based backup solution.

With an easy setup and implementation, and excellent customer service every step of the way, FacetTrak is simply the best solution for both productivity management and sales. FacetTrak includes a comprehensive CRM solution so you can control costs while staying on top of your sales.

About FacetTrak

FacetTrak was born of a desire to create a comprehensive system for doing business that allowed nothing to slip through the cracks, software that made ticketing convenient, thorough, and user-friendly. First created by Facet Technologies as a tool for in-house use, the company modified and edited the software until it captured every element of their seamless operations systems.

After gaining the trust of local companies who adopted the system, FacetTrak is now available for commercial use by any business. A perfect solution for any company dissatisfied with their current ticketing capabilities, or new companies looking to make a strong start with proven and dependable software, FacetTrak makes ticket and workforce management simple, intuitive, and mobile. Never despair over unorganized or inaccessible data: try our demo and see how FacetTrak can transform the way you do business.

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