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Your business relies on voice and data travelling through cables to communicate for both internal and external purposes. Prairie Technology Alliance member United Security Communications understands the importance of these systems for keeping your business running smoothly, and provides structured cabling of the highest quality.

When your cabling is poorly structured, your whole business can suffer. Telephone systems malfunction and data systems can slow, or even come to a halt. With United Security, you will never have to worry about a poorly-done job. How do we provide the best structured cabling services to our customers? We are well versed in all EIA/TIA and IEEE standards for structured data and voice cabling, and have been providing quality cabling services since the 1980’s. We look to ensure that your cabling is completed in a common-sense way that optimizes space and the speed of your communications and saves your company precious time and money.

Our installers are trained and certified, and are recertified every three years to ensure you have the best experience possible. We sweep test and certify every installation we perform, as well as provide printed results so you can evaluate the project objectively. All of our systems have a 20 year parts, labor, and performance warranty. Let us help you do more with your cabling system—you won’t be disappointed.

Cabling for a modern business requires more than just throwing a few cables around above the ceiling tiles. When your business needs structured cabling for voice and data, you need professionals who will design and implement a system that will last, using parts of a higher quality than many of our competitors. When your business needs clear knowledge and proven skill, choose United Security Communications.

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