Pay Per Click (PPC) Advertising

In addition to SEO, some business businesses thrive with they advertise their products and services in search. Few online marketing strategies can be as effective as PPC, especially when used with retargeting and other creative forms of search marketing. PPC advertising and retargeting is a very focused form of search marketing that can help expand the visibility of business by leaps and bounds. Whether for a local business or ecommerce store, owning advertising real estate at the top of Google SERPs can be a profound traffic-driver of in-market visitors.

Reeling Back Visitors Using Retargeting

As a powerful component to PPC display advertising, retargeting is a highly-effective opportunity for all types of businesses that generate traffic to their site. In fact, PPC retargeting can be a more targeted form of paid search advertising. The platform centers on serving display ads to users who have visited a site and/or have expressed interest (or taken action.) These ads are served on other websites and applications, based on how aggressive the retargeting strategy.


Essentially, retargeting entails using PPC display ads in a more personalized manner. Today, retargeting involves the use of services like Google AdSense, Facebook Ads, as well as Microsoft Ad Center and Yahoo PPC. Of course, the involvement of an experience PPC management professional is key to ensuring that an intelligent and successful campaign.

Uber-Targeted Advertising Strategies

In general, PPC advertising is similar to other online marketing efforts in that it helps boost the popularity of your business and improve its conversion potential. But unlike most digital marketing strategies, PPC advertising and retargeting are more focal in there execution. When set-up and managed properly, PPC advertising offers a valuable online marketing opportunity for a number of different business models.

Drive In-Market Traffic To Your Site With PPC Advertising

The most obvious reason a business would need to make use of PPC advertising and retargeting is that this is one of the most targeted forms of digital marketing. Studies have shown paid search advertising to be twice as effective in generating sales compared banner ads and other conventional display advertising. Further, PPC advertising only requires payment for ads that have actually been clicked, resulting in a visitor. This offers a reward value proposition for any business looking to increase traffic to its site.


The other reason businesses often make use of PPC marketing is that this digital marketing channel delivers quick results. For instance, traditional search marketing strategies such as search engine optimization can take months and even years to yield profitable results. And even then, constant work might be necessary to keep up a business website's reputation. With PPC advertising and retargeting, the results are more immediate, which makes it even possible for a business to plan new product releases around PPC marketing campaigns.


PPC advertising and retargeting is also able to provide better quality traffic to your business site. Because a PPC campaign is so specific with its use of keywords, the customers that eventually land on your site are more likely to purchase what you are offering. With other online marketing campaigns, traffic tends to be a bit more more generic, and as a result, conversion rates can often be considerably lower in comparison.

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